Ship-to-ship Transfer Services

The transfer of bulk liquids between ocean going tankers is a highly specialised aspect of the maritime business. Our local port, Scapa Flow, is one of the best harbours in the world for undertaking such operations. Chosen home port of the Royal Navy in World Wars I and II, it is one of the world's finest anchorages possessing over 30 square miles of sheltered water in excess of 30 metres deep — in effect an inland sea where there is no swell - Scapa Flow can safely accommodate the largest ships afloat.

We have been involved in the ship-to-ship transfer business since the very first commercial operation in Scapa Flow in 1980. To date, over 270 such operations have taken place ranging in volume from 20,000 metric tonnes to 310,000 tonnes.

We have a long and extensive track record in these operations and can advise on all aspects of STS in Scapa Flow from initial enquiry right through to co-ordinating the operation and producing the necessary documentation for the transferred cargo.

All operations are conducted at anchorage within Scapa Flow with the full cooperation of the harbour authority. Highly experienced local pilots and tugs are used, ensuring Scapa Flow maintains its unblemished record for safe and efficient STS operations.

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